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Fire and Rescue Statistics User Group

United Kingdom Vegetation Fire Statistics (UKVFS)


UKVFS is a private project with cross government and organisation support to develop vegetation fire statistics. The aim is to provide a framework made of templates and data set for the recording of vegetation fires (wildfires and prescribed fires) within the United Kingdom.

The research for this project considered existing and future fire reports at a regional and national level. In addition documents and notes from a scholarship to Australia was also integrated to further enhance the scope and content of the research.

The project has three objectives and five outcomes listed in the statement of aims. The focus is to provide an evidence-based approach to vegetation fires, currently lacking in national reporting. As well as providing evidence on the effectiveness of the resources used, it also looks at the impact to the following:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Communities
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Habitats and Species
  • Tackling Climate Change

This consultation document presents twelve templates with 51 associated data sets. The aim of the consultation is to ensure that professionals can comment on a standard for vegetation fire recording, from a wide range of sectors.


Although benefiting from a board research and development base, the aim of the consultation is to ensures that all responders can add their experience and knowledge to the process, in order that it may evolve.

This consultation aims to be practical and benefit from the broad range of experience across numerous sectors. This includes; land management, fire, environment, access, social, economic, research and insurance sectors. Responses to this consultation should be sent to the contact address or e-mail address above.

As the document covers a board range of organisations, responders should take into account the following questions when structuring their comments to paragraphs, data sets and templates:

  • Land Managers - Does UKVFS Framework and Glossary capture the terms used in wildfire incidents and prescribed burning on land management assets?
  • Fire and Rescue Services - Does UKVFS Framework and Glossary capture the terms used the working practices and issues you face during prevention, preparedness, response and recovery to vegetation fires?
  • Researchers - Does UKVFS Framework Glossary capture the terms you require for research and analysis on vegetation fires?
  • Government departments and agencies - Does UKVFS Framework and Glossary capture the terms you require for evidence with regard to strategy, policy, research, recovery, evaluation and guidance on vegetation fires?
  • International responders - Does UKVFS Glossary conform to your understanding of vegetation fires?

Comments should be referenced by headings and quote the relevant data set, template or paragraph number/s. Only responses that include their name, organisation, address, e-mail address and telephone number will be accepted. Letters of support are warmly welcomed. The deadline for all responses is the 15th August 2008. Please see the following websites for UKVFS Framework and Glossary Consultation:

Fire and Rescue Statistics User Group (FRSUG)
English Wildfire Forum

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